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The Barbados Wildlife Reserve

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Opposite the historic landmark and national park, Farley Hill, is the beloved Barbados Wildlife Reserve. Take a casual guided stroll along the winding brick path through the four acres of this serene mahogany forest as you get up close with the majestic animals that roam these woods. Admire the shy deer, feed the tenacious green monkeys and peacocks, pet the colourful snakes and so much more. Then venture over to Grenade Hall Signal Station and Forest and explore the station constructed in 1819; a dream for history lovers and nature lovers alike. The Wildlife Reserve is a fun stop for the whole family.

Caves & Critters (5 hours)

Highlights Include:

  • Harrison's Caves 
  • Wildlife Reserve
  • Scenic drive along East Coast


SunTours Special (7 hours)

Highlights Include:

  • Harrison's Cave
  • St. Nicholas Abbey
  • Wildlife Reserve
  • Scenic drives along the East Coast
  • Cherry Tree Hill
  • Morgan Lewis Windmill
  • Holetown
  • Speightstown
  • Traditional Bajan Lunch