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St. James Parish Church

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St. James Parish Church stands as the oldest church located on the island. It was constructed near the site of the first English settlers in Holetown, formerly known as Jamestown, on “God’s acre”. The original church was built well before 1668, but after being severely damaged by natural causes several times, it was rebuilt in 1874 as we know it today. Aside from the history the physical walls of the church hold, St. James Parish Church is also home to the oldest bell in the country which actually predates the famous Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. Add this stop to your Go As You Please tour and be guided through the doors of this historic church, learn about its history and folklore including “Devil’s Gate” and admire its beautiful stained glass windows and architecture. 

360 Degrees (7 hours)

Highlights Include:

  • Historic Bridgetown
  • Oistins
  • Holetown
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Historic Churches
  • Picturesque Beaches
  • Scenic Lunch Included