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We've started a blog!

Welcome to the new Sun Tours Blog! Now before we introduce you to our content, we know you may be asking yourself, “Why would Sun Tours need a blog?”

Well, in an effort to help you create the best experience in Barbados, we've decided to share all our insider knowledge.

Who are we? Only the experts at everything Bajan, especially in the tourism industry.

With over 140 years of experience, we've seen Barbados change with the trends and kept up with those changes, which is why we've established this thriving business. We've therefore made the decision to give back to you by sharing all the knowledge we've gained over these many years.

Throughout this blog, we'll let you in on everything from travel tips, like what to pack and what to eat, to industry news, Barbadian culture, local hotspots, food and recipes, festivals, frequently asked questions and so much more. We're even providing an archive for you to submit and share your own interesting Barbados experiences.

Our aim is to provide you with up to date insights from a local's point of view, to help you to plan the most enjoyable and authentic Bajan vacation. As a local, don't worry, some of our articles may even introduce you to parts of Barbados and our culture that you never knew!

We're excited to share and hope you enjoy reading and interacting as much as we enjoyed creating this for you. So stay tuned for all the informative, fun post we have in store for you!

The Sun Group Team