We are a COVID-19 Certified Transport Provider

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2020 has been hard enough, don't let booking a taxi in Barbados be another challenge.  Our taxis are clean, safe, reliable and now Covid Certified!
We are available for both airport and 2nd test transfers. 

At this time we will only be accepting bookings from persons who can confirm that they will be arriving in Barbados with a negative pre-test.

Guest Safety

During check in, boarding and disembarking of vehicles, social distancing is required.
All guests will be required to wear a mask while checking in with the driver/dispatcher and for the duration of the transportation.
Guests may be subjected to a temperature check upon checking in for transportation.
Any guest exhibiting signs of being sick may be refused transportation.

Cleaning and operation of vehicles

All of our vehicles are sanitized before and after each individual transport. 
Each vehicle is equipped with sanitizer for the vehicle as well as hand sanitizer for use by driver and guests. 
In all vans and buses the row of seats immediately behind the driver must be kept empty. 
Windows in the vehicles will be kept open during transportation. Air conditioning may also be used for vehicles without sufficient ventilation.

Driver Safety

All drivers are subject to daily temperature checks. If a driver fails a temperature check he/she will be sent home for the day or until the symptoms cease.
Drivers must wear masks at all times during check in and transportation
Drivers will wear disposable gloves when handling luggage. Gloves will be changed after each individual transport.
Drivers who are sick may not come to work.

Barbados Travel Protocols

Before you travel to Barbados, there are some new government protocols to consider.  Please visit www.visitbarbados.org for more information.