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Our executive fleet consists of a wide variety of vehicles to suit your transportation needs. We have Luxury Coaches (up to 36 passengers), Luxury Vans (up to 14 passengers), Luxury Sedans (up to 4 passengers) and Luggage Vehicles.

All of our vehicles are exceptionally well maintained, and prepared to the highest standards of cleanliness.

SunTours Barbados caters to a variety of occasions and welcomes you and your clients to sample our service, and meet our well trained staff who are always willing to be of service.


Our Fleet

Tourbus, SunTours Barbados Minivan, SunTours Barbados Luggage Vehicle, SunTours Barbados


  • Large Luggage Capacity
  • Seats 36 Passengers
  • Sound System
  • Lighting Throughout
  • Fabric Interior


  • Seats 14 passengers
  • Comfortable Ride
  • Luggage Capacity for 10
  • Sound System

Luggage Vehicle

  • Carries approximately 200 cases
  • Prefect for sporting group to hold equipment
  • Beautifully Branded to Complement Coaches

Luxury Limo, SunTours Barbados

Wheelchair Lift, SunTours Barbados

Luxury Benz, SunTours Barbados

Luxury Limo

  • Seats 7 comfortably
  • Modern Interior
  • DVD.CD.AM.FM System with Surround Sound
  • Personal Control of Sound System
  • LCD TV’s
  • Colour Changing Ceiling

 Wheelchair Lift

  • Fully Air Conditioned
  • Remote control wheel chair Lift
  • Safety locks to secure wheel chair to vehicle base
  • Seats 3 additional passengers

Luxury Benz

  • Executive Vehicle
  • Smooth Superior Ride
  • Elegant and Tasteful Interior
  • Radio and CD Player
  • Power Seats
Nissan Car, SunTours Barbados SUV, SunTours Barbados  


  • Smooth Ride, Provides superior stability when cornering
  • Exterior Combines Luxury and Refinement
  • Advance braking control
  • Cozy rear seats with ample leg room


  • Passenger Seats Slide and Recline
  • Leather Seating Surfaces
  • Can seat five passengers
  • Six Speed Automatic Transmission